Consigas is a Certified Professional Service Provider (CPSP) of Palo Alto Networks

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​If implemented and managed correctly, the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is one of the few security solutions that can truly protect enterprises from modern cyber threats without negatively affecting their operation. We feel proud that our dedication and experience have been honored by Palo Alto Networks with the CPSP partner status.

Security Consultancy for the Next-Generation Security Platform

Consigas is specialized in Palo Alto Networks. The Next-Generation Security Platform is what we do all day every day. With over 10 years of experience in working with Palo Alto Networks, we have gained a unique field experience and have developed a set of security best practices that enable our customers to effectively defend themselves from a rapidly changing threat landscape using the Palo Alto Networks platform.


Let us share our expertise with you to make your Next-Generation Security project a smooth experience but most importantly, peace of mind by truly securing your valuable IT assets


  • Evaluation – Still not sure if Palo Alto Networks is the right fit for you? We can run customized workshops for you to better understand the features and functionalities, analyse your requirements to show you how they would best fit into your current infrastructure and evaluate the right migration strategy.
  • Solution Design – Next-Generation security solutions, especially when based on various firewalls and thousands of endpoints distributed over multiple sites, can become very complex and require a lot of experience. We can help to get it right from the start.
  • Migration – The FireWall is a critical element of every enterprise network which makes its replacement a high-risk project. Through our engineer’s dedication to Palo Alto Networks and countless migrations, we have developed methodologies to make the migration to the Next-Generation FireWall a painless experience.
  • Security Best Practices – There isn’t such a thing as a magic security solution that, with a couple of clicks, magically protects your network and endpoints. At the same time, a Palo Alto Networks solution is a significant investment. Let us help you to set it up in the right way and utilize its full potential by implementing all of the security best practices.

Top Companies choose Consigas to build in-demand firewall skills

Top Companies choose Consigas to build in-demand firewall skills