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Prevention, Analysis and Response (EDU-260)

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Get a taste for the course by watching the video in this blog post where one of our instructors was teaching a sample module on Cortex XDR Incident Management at Palo Alto Networks Ignite conference.


The “Cortex XDR: Prevention, Analysis, and Response” (EDU-260) course covers the following content:

Getting Started with Endpoint Protection

Cortex XDR management console

  • Main Elements
  • Filtering
  • Layout

Agent installations

  • Overview
  • Create Installer and install
  • Agent Console
  • cytool

Endpoints and endpoint groups

  • Endpoint Administration
  • Endpoint Group Administration

Policy rules and profiles

  • Policy Management Overview
  • Profile types
  • Agent settings


  • Create a Cortex XDR agent installation package for Windows
  • Install Cortex XDR agent to a Windows endpoint
  • Create static and dynamic endpoint groups
  • Clone the default Agents Settings Profile and modify the settings
  • Clone the default policy rule and modify the settings

Working with the Cortex Apps

Working with the Cortex apps

  • Overview
  • Customer Support Portal
  • HUB

Activation of Cortex XDR


  • Access the Cortex hub and explore the homepage
  • Verify your Cortex XDR instance and your Cortex XDR application roles
  • Access the Cortex XDR management console

Cortex XDR Family Overview

Cyberattack vectors


Cortex XDR features


Cortex XDR offerings



  • Lab Overview
  • Generate a PowerShell script, a payload, to demonstrate a reverse shell attack

Malware Protection

Restrictions and Malware Profiles overview

  • Restrictions Profiles
  • Malware profiles overview flow
  • Malware profiles flow

Malware protection modules and their configurations

  • Portable Executable and DLL Examination
  • Office Files with Macros Examination – profile
  • Behavioral Threat Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Child Process Protection
  • Endpoint Scanning
  • Password Theft Protection


  • Create Restrictions Profiles and change the settings
  • Create Malware Profiles and change the settings
  • Work with Ransomware Protection
  • Work with Behavioral Threat Protection

Exploit Protection

Application exploit prevention


Exploitation techniques and defence mechanisms


Exploit protection modules and Exploit Profiles

  • Overview
  • Exploit Profiles
  • Exploit protection in action


  • Initiate exploit attacks from Metasploit
  • Describe the structure of a command-and-control server from the perspective of the attacker
  • Create Exploit Profiles and change various settings

Exceptions and Response Actions


  • Global vs profile exceptions
  • Process Exceptions
  • Support Exceptions
  • Behavioural & Digital Signer

Actions overview


Response actions

  • Actions from Action Center
  • Actions from Endpoint Administration
  • Actions from Alerts Analysis

Script Execution



  • Create process exceptions and hash exceptions
  • Import security exceptions
  • Terminate suspicious processes
  • Isolate endpoints, and then cancel isolations
  • Quarantine and then restore files
  • Work with Action Center to perform actions and track action progress
  • Using the browser’s developer console, verify the role of the sign-in user
  • Upload your custom Python script and then remotely execute it on the endpoint
  • Work with the Live Terminal

Behavioral Threat Analysis

Detection and Response use case

  • Incident Analysis vs Data Research
  • Incident Analysis
  • Data Research

Behavioral threat analysis


Causality Analysis Engine


Analytics Engine



  • Configure upload of the EED
  • Analyze alerts with and without EED and compare the results
  • Manage (stop, start, and query) the EED from the endpoint
  • Trace the Agent log for the EED uploads

Cortex XDR Rules

Working with BIOC rules


Working with IOC rules and rules exceptions



  • Explore the BIOC and IOC pages
  • Describe BIOC and IOC tables after examining the columns (field)
  • Create and manage BIOC rules
  • Create and manage IOC rules
  • Create rules exceptions

Incident Management


  • Overview
  • Alert Actions
  • Stitched vs non-stitched


  • Incident List and actions
  • Incident View
  • Incident Administration

External alerts


Alert exclusion and starring policies



  • Manage incidents including change status and assign investigators
  • Prioritize and close incidents
  • View the incident details including alert breakdown, key assets and key artefacts
  • Use the Cortex XDR API to send an external alert to Cortex XDR
  • Create and manage alert starring policies
  • Create and manage alert exclusion policies

Alert Analysis Views

Motivation for advanced alert analysis

Analyzing alerts in the Causality View

Analyzing alerts in the Timeline View


  • Investigate alerts in the Causality view
  • Investigate alerts in the Timeline view

Search and Investigate

Building queries on raw data sets

Managing scheduled and non-scheduled queries


  • Build search queries of any type
  • Work on the results table
  • Manage queries in the Query Center
  • Work with scheduled queries

Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting methodologies and resources


Troubleshooting tools for the Cortex XDR agent

  • cytool
  • Agent Identification
  • trapsd.log

Working with Technical Support

  • retrieve and analyse support file


  • Set the log level of the Cortex XDR agent
  • Add a trusted signer and verify the signer in the registry
  • Retrieve a Support File
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