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Improving Security Posture and FireWall Hardening (EDU-214)

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Get a taste for the course by watching the video in this blog post where one of our instructors teaches a sample module on FireWall Hardening Best Practices.


The “Firewall: Improving Security Posture and Hardening PAN-OS” (EDU-214) course covers the following content:


Course overview

Course scenario description

BPA tool, ACC, logging, and reporting

Lab architecture

Security Profiles

Review of Content-ID

Defining context for Security Profiles

Creation of profile groups

Daily Operations and Maintenance

Software release cycle

App-ID and threat update best practices and process

Policy description and audit best practices

Establish Initial Baseline Visibility

Log Forwarding Profiles

Syslog, email, SNMP traps, and formatting

Custom and pre-made reporting

Dynamic user and address groups

Analyze and Update Security Rules Passing Traffic

Expedition for BPA

Policy Optimizer

Application-centric rules

Categorizing traffic into Inbound, Outbound, and Internal flows

Inbound Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis

Inbound threat protection

Workflow for false positives

Inbound SSL Decryption best practices

Outbound Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis


URL Filtering Profiles

Credential theft

Custom URL categories

Outbound SSL decryption best practices

Internal Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis

Internal traffic security best practices

Internal traffic requirement workflows

Application Override policies

Intrazone traffic best practices

Administratively Hardening PAN-OS

Role-based access control

Multi-factor authentication

Administrative best practice principles

Hardening administrative interfaces

Reducing Policy set and Simplification

Tag unused rules using Policy Optimizer

Implement policy hygiene

Describe how to use Address Groups and regions to reduce the policy set

Describe Zero Trust architecture

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